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World’s first attempt to grow corals on offshore foundations

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Taiwan's Government has vowed to attain its carbon neutrality target by the year 2050, and a Danish multinational power company is helping to reach this goal faster. This company has built the largest and the first far-shore wind farm in Taiwan. The project is called the Greater Changhua 1 & 2a offshore wind farm and is located 35-60 kilometers off Taiwan’s west coast. Now the company has put its first wind turbine into service and has begun delivering power to Taipower.

The capacity of the project is 900 MW, with a total of 111 turbines expected to power millions of Taiwanese households. As of December 2021, Taiwan's total wind installed capacity is 1062 MW, of which 237 MW comes from offshore facilities. This project will play a significant role in Taiwan’s transition toward reaching net-zero emissions.

The Danish group is going to attempt the world's first trial to grow corals on offshore wind foundations, and is expected to bring benefits to marine biodiversity. The company started its proof-of-concept in June to test its ReCoral system on four foundations at its Greater Changhua project.

According to the ReCoral project, colonies of coral will be grown at a stable temperature around the offshore wind farms. These colonies can be used to compensate for the damage caused due to rising sea surface temperatures from global warming.


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