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Our Service.

Site Selection
Critical Permits
O&M Services

15 years of close attention on the industry.
600 MW + of project development record.

Site Selection

Throughout the lifecycle of wind farm development, the projects may run the risk of physical, environmental and social conflicts that needs to be managed.


Site selection is the process which ensures the minimum requirements to turbine erection are ticked off.

Selecting optimal location for wind farm development has protected us from resistance and obstacles. Here are some major challenges developers might encounter and how Arbon tackles it strategically.


"As a developer, we give everything to ensure success on our projects. We only select sites that minimizes risk factors and meets our confidence level by experience."

-  Jules CHUANG, Managing Director


We listen, and take a collaborative approach to project development. 

Site Selection

Three Critical Permits

Critical Pemits

We take care of all the nuts and bolts for you.

Operation & Maintenance Services


After Sale Service Handling

Operating Asset Management

Scheduled Maintenance Service


Committed to deliver quality products and services


Electricity Retail Services

Analyze Power Consumption Curve

Optimal return on investment

Make your profit like a breeze.

O&M Services
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