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Arbon Capital was established in 2019 by a multidisciplinary, well-experienced team of experts, all of whom continuously seek to create valuable, sustainable assets for renewable energy development. Our directors specializes in various domains, all contributed to the betterment of our environment. 

Leadership Team

Jules Chuang 莊昇勳
Managing Director
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Dr. Jules Chuang, Managing Director at Mt.Stonegate, has been extensively involved in the energy and climate change markets from their early development to implementation stages. He has been particularly focused on the renewable energy sector where he pioneered the concept of International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC).


 Jules successfully led projects on renewable direct investment and environmental attributes trading and consulting. Prior to establishing Mt. Stonegate and Nanjitan, Jules also had several years of experience in finance and investment in Asia and the United States.

Flemming Fang 方興中
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Flemming, Nanjitan's General Manager, has been building his professional career in the company since 2014. He has been gaining expertise in renewable energy development and trade, domestic and multinational trade of energy attribute certificates, and in advisory services regarding the accounting of greenhouse gas emissions. Flemming is also experienced in the issuance process of carbon credits in Asia, including Gold Standard projects, and those counted in the Taiwan EPA scheme.

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Godwin Chang 張建西
Supervisor of Board
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Godwin is currently a supervisor of the board at Arbon, and a consultant at ECOVIS International, Godwin served as the Country Head of Société Générale, one of the leading European financial services groups. There, he was in charge of corporate and investment banking in Asian countries. He also served a number of executive positions at ANZ Investment Bank, CITIBANK, Bank of New York, and is currently serving at the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan and American Club Taiwan.

Advisory Team

Stephen Chow 周作民
Trustee of Board, CDP
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Since 2016, Stephen has been a Trustee of the Board of CDP, the global environmental reporting system. He is an energy business leader with over 30 years of multinational experience in China, South East Asia and the USA. Prior to joining CDP, Stephen served as Managing Director of SES China, CEO of Huatong Energy Group, and Vice President of BP China LPG.

Daniel Dai 戴志毅
Managing Director, Daigeo Capital
  • LinkedIn

Daniel has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, financial planning, and capital markets. In 2012, Daniel led the successful listing of the Grand Ocean Group on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.


In addition, Daniel served as CFO and Executive Director of the First Steamship Co. and as the Primary Manager of the Baring Communications Equity (Asia-Pacific) of the Dutch ING Group, where he was responsible for the implementation of high-tech direct investment and management in the Greater China.

Jerry Lee 李建勳
Senior Advisor
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Jerry has over 15 years of experience in the development and construction of renewable energy projects in Taiwan. Some examples from his rich portfolio of renewable energy projects are a solar PV project located in Kinmen as well as an onshore wind farm built in Changhua. For these projects, Jerry obtained concessionary rights from the local authorities.

Francois Beaurain
Independent Consultant of Renewable Energy and Climate Change
  • LinkedIn

Francois is a climate change consultant with more than a decade of experience in CDM projects and carbon markets. He provides consulting, auditing, and training services covering the fields of renewables, energy efficiency and climate change. GIZ, WB, and Masen are some examples of the organizations he has collaborated with.

Hans Petter Kildal
Managing Director, Becour AS
  • LinkedIn

Hans Petter is experienced in power markets, with expertise in CO2 quotas trading, renewable energy and Guarantees of Origin (GO). In fact, he has been actively working in the development of the European market for GOs. Besides being an advisor for the UN initiative “The Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform,” he assisted in the development of the Greenhouse Gas Scope 2 Guidance document. Currently, he is also a member of Live International AS’ and RECS International’s Advisory Boards.

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